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Science has proven that healthy hair requires a high amount of Keratin and some collagen, both of which are proteins naturally produced by the body. This natural stock depletes with age and due to aggression by the external environment. To prevent hair loss and promote hair strength and lustre, Keratin stocks must be maintained.

In order for the body to produce Keratin, it must receive the appropriate proportions of amino acids already present in the hair.  Human hair is comprised of 18 Amino Acids, of which 8 are Essential Amino Acids.
Essential Amino Acids are not produced by the body, so must be obtained through diet.

The growth phase of a hair is known as the Anagen phase. Once the hair stops growing and goes into cessation it enters the Catagen phase which lasts about 2-3 weeks. Upon exposure to certain internal and external environmental factors such as stress, a percentage of growing hair follicles enters the resting phase, also known as the Telogen phase during which the dormant hairs begin to fall. This condition is manifested by a diffuse thinning of hair on the scalp.

KerCysteine clinically tested results show an increase of up to 21% during the Anagen phase (growth) of the hair cycle and a decrease of up to 61% in the Telogen phase (shedding) of the cycle. The result? Less hair fall, thicker, brighter, healthier hair.*

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